Jessica and Stephanie

I am a happy aunt. I have five nieces and five nephews. I love all of them but Jessica is a very special niece. She is a little girl who is exactly 30 years younger than me. She is very smart and loves to go school. One year ago, when she was nine, my family and I went to have her birthday dinner in a restaurant. We rode to a little village 20 miles away in two cars. I traveled with my niece and her little brother in the back of her parent’s car. She is used to talking with me a lot but this day she was quiet. When I asked her little brother why she didn’t talk to me, Jorge, my nephew explained me that she wasn’t Jessica but Stephanie, she was a famous singer and she didn’t like talking with the people because the people disturb her to ask signatures. Then my niece, now Stephanie, said to me that I like her and only for this reason she can sign one of her pictures for me. The entire trip she was Stephanie but when we arrived to the restaurant, she began to play with other kids and come back Jessica, my dear niece.


Turandot, again

I want to talk about Turandot.

The opera is a play with classical music like a musical movie or musical theatre.

First I want to talk a little about the plot.

Once upon a time, many centuries ago, in ancient China kings and princess married between them. But Turandot, our Chinese princess didn’t want to marry at all. She remembered the time when one foreign man injured one of her ancestress. The Law established that she only could get marry if the pretender prince solves an enigma. If the answers are wrong he must die. One day, into the town, came an old man with a young girl, in this city he met with his son. They were only three foreign people but actually they were a defeated and blind king, a young prince and a faithful slave. When the foreign prince looked at the Chinese princess, he loved her and want to solve the enigma for marry her.

Turandot was the last opera of Giacomo Puccini, an Italian composer. Actually, Puccini never finished to write it. The opera was completed by Franco Alfano and, recently, by Luciano Berio on account of the Puccini’s notes. Turandot is one of the most popular operas of any time. It’s played at many opera’s houses around the world. I saw this opera once in México City in 1994, with Eva Marton, a Hungarian soprano in an American production. And I saw too another singers as Turandot in DVD. In any opera are important singers, plot, scenery, custom, player, light. The opera is a complete spectacle. If you can you must see and listen Turandot and others operas.

(I prepare this little speech for my pronunciation class).

Kodiak bears

Every weekend I read the uvic events calendar, and look for interesting lectures. Two weeks ago, I read the title “Living with wild grizzlies in Alaska”. I did not know what mean grizzlies but I thought in bears. I do not why by I saw in my mind snow, ice and white bear. One week later I met this title again. Then I look for grizzlies meaning. When I read “brown bear” I thought that something was wrong. Today I saw postcards in the post office and paid attention to the bear’s pictures. There was brown bear and black bear, behind the first one was writing “Also know as brown bears, BC’s coastal grizzlies are vegetarians…” However, David Bittner, Swiss biologist, said that his bears were not grizzlies but they are “Kodiak Bears”. They are not like anything else.

David talked us many stories about the Kodiak bears. He was traveling for many years to this beautiful place to study the bear life: its food, its night activities, and its favorite fish. David talked us about his meeting with the bears one time far from them, and another excited close to them. He used beautiful pictures and exciting videos. This picture are in the web “Kodiak and Katmai – Land of Bears” and it was used in his lecture while he recommend us don’t move if one bear is approaching you.

I learned and enjoy so much.


* The sponsor for this lecture was Jindra Belanger from the Deparment of Biology.

Totem pole

The first English book for my record! It is a little book about “The Totem Pole Indians of the Northwest” wrote by Don E. Beyer. Actually it is the only book in three months!  Anyway, I learned from this book about the First Nations here in British Columbia. I learned about the people and their land, their hunting and gathering food activities, their arts and crafts, their believes, their life in the village and their living with the white man. The most interesting for me was to know more about the totem pole (it sound torempol, as said me my little English teacher, Maria Paula). They are long wood carving that consisted of a group of carved figures perched on top of one another. There is many of this in the Uvic and downtown.

Picture is by Jonathan Arnold.

Mercy and live with myself

Mercy is a doctorate student, here at the Uvic. She works in math education. She is a Colombian girl and we talk sometimes. She concern about me, because I am alone in this country and she said that the immigrant live is very hard. Then, she wanted to help me to look for a new house. She is a goodfriend.

Now I have roommate, a Philippine women, and to live with another it is not for me. It is hard to share the washroom or the kitchen. I need one place to live with myself. Above all because I hope that you, my riieeme’ friends, my nephews can visit me in Victoria.

It is strange talk in English. Thanks for visit my blog.

My first english call

Is interesting how the easy things, if it changes something, it will be difficult. In the looking for a new house Mercy helps me calling to the owners or managers. I found a new house through internet and e-mails. I saw the apartment, I like it, I apply for the rent and, finally, they e-mail me yesterday with the news that my application has been approved. And Peter, my landlord, asks me that I call him for have an appointment to sign the lease. This was my first english call. It is done.